Mars Runaway


On previous articles I’ve talked about my previous work when I began with CK7 Studios idea. While I was on those projects, the rest of the CK7 Studios crew, Sergio and Joseba, were also doing their own work. It’s time to talk about Mars Runaway their first title with them both working toguether.

The spaceman shooting hard!

This games was developed to compete in a mobile game contest, Mobigame 2007. It was developed for J2ME, and it counts with Joseba as artist and programmer, and Sergio as programmer, along with other members of GRK group. It was awarded with the first prize on the “J2ME” section.

The game has two core mechanics, the first one is a space simulation with a Moon Lander clone, and the second one (when the spaceship lands) is a horizontal scroll 2D shooter. It has five increasing difficult levels, ending with a climatic encounter with the final boss.

Landing on the red planet

Its mechanics are simple and adictive to make it fun for any player. Its main features are realistic physics, pixel level collisions, and big and great hand-draw sceneries wich give the game an incredible and detailed looking.

Agghhhh!! The big boss!!

Here you have video of this really addictive game. Enjoy it!

Finally, thanks to its GPL license, you can download the game and its code from the game web which you can find here.

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