Indiana Jones y la Maldición Azteca


We get back to Sergio and Joseba works before joining CK7 Studios, this time with their second collaboration for a videogame: Indiana Jones y la Maldición Azteca, for Nintendo DS. Like previous year with Mars Runaway, this title was developed to compite in Mobigame 2008 contest, obtainig the second prize on the “Varios” section this time.

Guybrush?? Wasn't he a pirate from Monkey Island?

This title uses all the Nintendo DS potential, offering the player up to 5 logic tests and puzzles inspired by the adventures of the famous archeologist. This puzzle will make the player think and use their Nintendo DS in really original ways. It also offers some wonderful 2D and 3D graphics that will make the player feel as in an Indiana Jones adventure.

The first puzzle

For Indiana fans, the history narrate how, after Indy’s father death, he inherits his old diary and a mission: investigating an aztec temple that his father was studiying. With Dr. Jones diary and its clues, the archeologist will be able to pass every challenge in his way to the temple.

Discover all the aztec temple secrets

The following video will show you the gameplay, but, be careful, it will also spoil you every puzzle, so don’t watch it if you intend to play this game!

If you want to download the game, you can do it from here.


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