Stardium Space Arena


Let talk about the biggest game development I have worked in, Stardium Space Arena. It is a title developed as end of degree project for the Master in Videogame Development at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. A lot of spaceships, explosions, black holes and other science fiction technologies await you everywhere in this local network multiplayer game.

A dangerous spaceship is getting to the base

The development team counts with Alejandro Pereda, Adrián del Campo, Nicolás Cruz and me (Adrián Domínguez) as programmers and Mateo Fernandez as artist. It was developed in 6 months, using C++ language, the game engine Nebula2, and physics engine PhysX, for a sum of around 32000 lines of code.

You can download the game from here. It is necessary to have Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista or Windows 7. For some versions you must install the redistribuible XML Lite from Microsoft, that you can find here.


Game features

  • Crazy fun for up to 10 player in a local network. Don’t let anyone kill you or throw you out of the scenery!
  • Up to three razes with incredible skills: machine gun, missiles, bombs, hyperspeed, teletransport and shield.
  • Fight in a allways moving scenery, Lucha en un escenario con vida propia, fly gracefully among moving asteroids without beign destroyed.
  • Play with physics, throwing your friends away with a explosion or crush them in a black hole.

Development challenges

  • Component architecture and data driven content
  • Advanced physics with mesh-level collisions, power fields, etc.
  • Local network gaming for up to 10 players.

As always here is the game video (until we record a better one):

To end the summary, this is my work in the project:

  • Initial prototype programming
  • Game loop prepared for networking and physics
  • Component architecture and data driven content
  • Network architecture, transparent to the other game modules.
  • Game logic with client/server interaction
  • Graphics manager and camera system
  • Design of the game modules integration
  • QA, search and correction of bugs and leaks

The good things

It will continue…


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