My Little Tower Defense


It’s been more than 4 months since we released My Little Tower Defense for Windows Phone 7, and yet the game don’t have a big good post on our blog. It’s time for it!

Fire, lightning and stars

My Little Tower Defense is a tower defense game with cute 2D pre-rendered graphics and fast paced and intense player interaction. You can watch a gameplay video here:

Game details

My Little Tower Defense is a 2D tower defense game, where the player has to avoid some little creatures called pixies from going through his smartphone screen. For that, he has to build different kinds of tower whose powers affect the pixies in different ways.

A wild pixie has appeared!


The game most important feature, is its fast paced and interactive game mechanics, where the user can’t stop building and using the tower powers to complete every level. Also, each scenery has it’s own game mechanics, and the player will be surprised by unexpected events like jumping sheeps crossing the screen or a alien UFO invasion.

Incoming sheeps!


Incoming changes

MLTD is currently downloadable for Android (you need Android 2.1 and at least 1Ghz processor) and for Windows Phone 7. It has 5 levels with 3 game modes and up to 5 different pixies and towers.

Now we are working hard on iOS version, and we will release it with so many new features and improvements like:

  • Achievements and Facebook integration
  • Up to 15 levels and even more beign released later
  • More pixies and towers, up to 10 different ones
  • Improved gameplay, many changes in game mechanics
  • Improved difficulty balance, tower upgrades are dropped

Keep and eye on our Facebook or Twitter to get all the news about My Little Tower Defense.

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  1. Emilio Says:

    Mola un monton es muy entrenido.


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